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Family Heritage - Texas


Remi Marquis Family - Texas Immigrants From Switzerland

The first born family member that migrated to the United States was Remi Marquis who was born in Switzerland. Louis Marquis was the son of Remi who was born in Medina County, Texas on June 22, 1870. In 1903, Louis married an Austro-Hungarian immigrant named Mary Pauss who came to the United States in the 1890's. Louis and Mary moved to San Antonio and had four daughters. The names of the daughters were Gertrude Marie, Anne Charlotte, Lydia Lina, and Elizabeth Edna.

The oldest child Gertrude married Stanley Ray Pearce who resided in New York, and had one son John Patrick (my dad). He then married my mother Paula Neely who had three kids (Samuel, John, and Andrew Pearce).

It was discovered that my grandmother (Gertrude) did some fashion modeling in the San Antonio Light newspaper sporting a hat worn in South Africa, which was popular. This became a trend for ladies who lived in Texas during the 1920's.

My grandmother Gertrude did clerical work to support the family. Records show she completed payment on a used car to Zander Motor Company in 1930, having paid a total of $285 in 6 monthly payments of only $35. The U.S. Dollar in the 1930's contained substantial purchasing power, which made products and services more affordable. The purchasing power of the dollar has lost 96% of its current value since 1913. This is based on the Federal Reserve Bank's ability to debase the currency in a 100 year time period.


Steve and Susan (Aunt) - Texas Archeologist and Family Historian

Susan who is my aunt along with Steve her husband have spent a tremendous amount of time researching our family's heritage in Texas. They have also provided new information about the history of Texas through their archeological and historical research. Susan works for the Archeology Department at the University of Texas and has published numerous articles. Many historical works are published on the website "Texas Beyond History" along with provided links.

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