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The book "Rediscovering the Constitution in the 21st Century" provides a contemporary and historical analysis of the Constitution. The chapter material contains detailed topics, which include national sovereignty, property rights, states' rights, and the 2nd Amendment. This book provides information on modern day thinkers and economists along with strategies to abolish the income tax and Federal Reserve System. It contains political solutions to a sound monetary system, free enterprise economy, and restoring the foundations of liberty.

The book contains 14 chapters.

Chpater 1 - Federalist Papers & U.S. Sovereignty

This chapter provides information about the two party system, multinational corporations, global treaties, and international banks who are creating the framework to erode national sovereignty in the United States. It describes how America has the ability to restore its sovereignty through the Constitution, which is contained in the writings of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.

Chapter 2 - State Sovereignty Through Nullification

Chapter 2 describes the importance of the states nullifying federal mandates through the 10th Amendment. Other important documents regarding state nullification include the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This chapter also describes the process of legislating competing state currencies through the 10th Amendment for the purposes of abolishing the Federal Reserve System in order to restore the economy.

Chapter 3 - Abolish the Federal Reserve

This chapter provides the reasons as to why the Federal Reserve Bank is unconstitutional and needs to be abolished. Detailed documents, speeches, and quotes from the Founding Fathers regarding the depreciation of paper currency (inflation) are contained in this chapter. Paper money created by the Federal Reserve Bank distorts the economy and creates a system of central planning by bureaucrats. This banking system has been responsible for the mortgage crisis, derivative crisis, and the debt based economy in the U.S.

ISBN # 978-1456322212
Cost: $15.99
Size: 9.9 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches
Available at Amazon.com, constitutionliberty.com, and Kindle

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